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Polymania UK 2019 Waiting List

Unfortunately Polymania UK 2019 is now fully booked.


Please do fill out the waiting list form as places may become available (they usually do!) and we may be able to repeat the event if there is enough interest!

Waiting list for Polymania UK 2019

If you would like to attend Polymania UK 2019 but were unable to book a place you can fill in this form. If we should get any cancellations and a place become available we will let you know. If there is enough interest we may run a second event.
  • Useful for us to know how far you will be need to travel
  • It's useful if you give a phone number so we can contact you should a last minute place become available.
  • Polymania UK 2018 will take place at the Mercure Holland House hotel in Bristol, UK from the 8th-10th March 2019. This three day event includes three full day workshops, one with Sylvie Peraud, one with Olga Nicolas and one with Debbie Crothers. Included in the price are refreshments throughout the day and a hot and cold three course buffet lunch on each of the workshop days. The price of the workshop should a place become available is £340 Please note accommodation is not included, we have a special rate available with the hotel until January 2019 - after this time it will be whatever the going rate is for a room. If the person who cancels has booked a room we may be able to arrange to transfer this to you.
  • We may have the option to run a second Polymania from the 12th-14th of March if there is enough interest. Places may also become available for the first Polymania 8th-10th March
    To help us please indicate if you may be able to fill a place at the last minute should someone be unable to attend
  • What Happens Now

  • Once your form has been received you will be added to the waiting list. If someone cancels and a place becomes available we will invite you to fill in a full booking form. If you tick you may be able to come at the last minute we may call you if someone cancels at the very last minute - just in case. If we offer you a place and you are now unable to come - no problem we will ask the next person on the list instead just let as know as soon as you can.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.