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Experimental Eggs

Posted on February 27, 2012

I’m thinking Easter. I’m thinking I don’t want to have to  blow hundreds of eggs – it’s hard work! So I bought some children’s plastic eggs, the cheap kind that are meant for hiding sweets in so they are hinged, and oven tested them. Survived a baking so time to test covering them. Covered with a layer of scrap clay just to be sure, all seemed well.

I made a quick mokume gane sheet rather than covering it in cane slices and I am glad  as I found that when I was trying to smooth the egg it popped open! Even with the layer of scrap clay under it which I assumed would hold it together. This egg hasn’t been baked, I smoothed over the join and then textured it. I lost some of the best bits of pattern shaving off the really lumpy bits:( I am sure if I did bake it the egg would still pop open, ruining it (not sure what I will do with it – if you’ve go at suggestion please let me know!)

Not to be defeated I shall experiment, perhaps trying to glue the join shut first or maybe filling the egg so it is a little more rigid, it’s quite flimsy plastic. Or maybe I will make a mould and not cover anything at all. Anyway I am sure you will see more eggs, and hopefully they will be less bumpy, and hopefully I won’t be red in the face from blowing eggs!

This is my thing for day 27 of the February Thing a Day challenge I have been taking part in on the PCC forum. Only another 2 days to go. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, loved having a good excuse to have to get the polymer clay out everyday. Even when I am really tired I find I am glad I did play with my clay. I will give you a run down of my latest pieces at the end of February.

Are you thinking about Easter yet?


  1. What beautiful idea! I love it…. I must think If I want an egg and find an egg that I can bake!

  2. i made eggs last year using the cheap plastic eggs (found them at Wal Mart). if you cover the entire plastic egg with glue – the white glue we use w/polymer clay whose name escapes my brain at the moment. let the glue dry before you put clay on it. the egg will stay shut and the clay will stick better to the plastic egg. they turned out great with no breakage from the two sections coming apart.

  3. Cara try the free tutorial here: http://polymerclayweb.askbis.com/tutorials/other/songbirdeggs.aspx, but use the cheap plastic egg for molding the foil.

  4. I know Easter is over, but did you perhaps think of poking a tiny hole in each end of the plastic egg after covering it with the clay? I think the egg pops open because of the expansion of air being heated so it would need a way to escape. If the egg survived baking, the hole may help it survive the final process. And if that works, imagine the egg-shaped Christmas ornaments you could make? Bling, glitter, etc. could be added after the baking.

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