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Oohh shiney!

Posted on January 22, 2012

I called in to visit Penny Vingoe who runs www.clayaround.com just before Christmas and we had a play with some Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos resin. I really liked it so bought a bottle. It’s a UV cure resin and luckily I had a suitable light at home already, we don’t get enough sun in winter here in the UK!!

I tried it for the first time earlier in the week on a flat polymer pendant but it was pulling away from the edges a lot, which doesn’t look good. Penny and I had been using it on a bracelet made up of metal bezels linked together so this wasn’t a problem as the resin clings to the edge and doesn’t pull away as it cures. So I tried a quick pendant with a polymer frame to see how it worked out. This was made with a few scraps rather quickly as I am busy at the moment. The frame needs to be neater and a little higher but it’s definitely got possibilities. I made the back and outside edge textured which contrasts nicely with the smooth shiny resin – oh and means no sanding at all!! I think you might see more resin coatings! It also means I can play about with different surface techniques.

Pendant before resin, the black frame around the edge stands proud a little.

Here it is coated in resin!

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  1. Wow what a Huge difference! One ? … did you sand the mirrow image part before adding the magic gloss

  2. Nope no sanding at all! I am going to do a cuople of tests. One sanded and resin, sone jsut resin to see if there’s a difference. Also going to trial a piece of resin for hardiness – on a keyring! Will of course share my findings here.

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