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I’m back, with creatures….

Posted on November 3, 2011

I have been playing with my clay, it’s been very therapeutic at this difficult time. I’ve also been clearing up my work space and sorting out all my clay scraps and using them to make creatures! My son is doing well, his arm seems to be healing nicely. Thank you for all your kind messages of support, it’s nice to know you are there!

I’m having a table at my kids school Christmas Fayre (Begbrook School in Bristol, UK on the 3rd December if you are local!) and one of the criteria is that you should have things available for the kids to buy. I normally sell little tortoises I make with my cane end scraps

Here’s a small selection of my 60 odd tortoises

and of course I had to see what they looked like with Stroppel Cane shells!

Last year some one requested owls so I made owls too, and promptly sold them all. Finally I made more…

My latest Parliament of owls.

One of my friends has a collection of cute little cats so I thought I might try cats too and am very pleased with how they turned out. I am really enjoying making them from one piece of clay. I will try and do a tutorial for them when I next get a quite moment (probably 2012 at this rate!)

And finally I am taking part in the Totterdown Arts Trail (18-21st November, Bristol, UK) and they are inviting people to create Guerrilla Ducks, decorated ducks, so here is my first attempt at a duck. Can’t quite get the beak right, I did try adding a yellow beak but that just didn’t work for me. I will try again another day.

If you want to find out where I will be displaying my work, or when I am running workshops don’t forget to check my Diary page (you can use the link bar at the top of the page too). They are all in Bristol, UK at the moment but sure I will venture further afield one day;)

Will try and post some photos of my latest jewellery at the weekend, got to do some sanding first though!


  1. I love the owls

  2. The owls are amazing and those cats……..meow!

  3. Love the kitties!!!! The owls and turtles are cute too. 🙂 Maybe the duck needs his mouth shut, the body and wings are great…maybe a bird, all one piece like you did the cat. Just a thought…

  4. They are all adorable but I want a kitty! ♥

  5. All are gorgeous Cara – but I do love your cats!!

  6. Very, very cute!

  7. Hope you are ok, glad your son is mending well. Absolutely love all the animals but especially the owls I love owls and these are gorgeous. x

  8. Love, love your little creatures, Cara!! Absolutely adorable! Awesome job! Glad to hear your son is doing better.

  9. Good to “see” you back – and your work is as always breathtaking. I just love the kitties!!!!!

  10. Sweet kitties! Please do write a tutorial when you “find the time”. I think a wider flatter tail might help with mr. duckie…but he’s awfully cute just the way he is.

  11. Sooooo good to have you back and sounding perkier and James continuing to improve. Animals are gorgeous. Gonna try to paste a duck I made as a zipper pull (bent head pin and then cheap elastic hair band)….maybe something cheap and cheerful to sell? My fave are your owls.
    ok…pic didnt paste….sending it to you separately.

  12. wow thank you all, that made me feel good reading all your lovely comments!

  13. Owls, cats, turtles,….I’m such a big fan. Glad that James is doing better. You have absolutely captured the essence of the cats. Would make super holiday tree ornaments and/or necklace pendants. So good to have you back claying!

  14. They are all darling, but I bet you can guess which one I like best! Can you see me grinning?

  15. Love those cats. Bring on the tutorial!

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