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My Blue, Teal and Grey Stroppel Cane

Posted on October 10, 2011

I used the scraps from my last projects to make a Stroppel Cane, looks quite different using a limited palette.

Here’s some of the things I have made with it.

Domed disc Stoppel Cane pendant
Little disc earrings

Longer pendant, think on reflection the stripes look better vertically, next time…

Domed doughnut pendant. The dangle is the bit cut from the center.

Playing about with the scaps, not quite sure about this but my husband likes it.

Me wearing the disc pendant, it has a little too much white to really go with this top but it’s not bad.

I have collected together everyone’s images of their Stroppel Cane things on a pinterest pinboard here.


  1. Thank you Cara Jane for all the sharing you’ve done for the Stroppel cane and for posting these pretty pieces. I really like the colors, reminds me of the ocean. You make the perfect model. 🙂

  2. Lovely! It is such fun to see what everyone made with this!

    Mine was too crumbly to work with. I think the canes were very old since I haven’t made any in ages.

  3. My pleasure Alice, it’s a great technique!

    Roberta this cane was ok as it was all really fresh. I made one from older canes and reduced it a lot which helped to stop the canes being crumbly.

  4. Thank you Cara for your kind comment on my blog. But Wow your pieces are so beautiful. I don’t think I will ever get to that level with my clay work. I kind of feel I need to go back to beginners class, but I do love it. I too have actually 2 tops with similar colours and made a bracelet which I hoped would go with them. Didn’t quite turn out as well as I hoped (gosh I have to practice) but it’s ok. I hope one day I can make as beautiful flower cane like you. Lorraine x

  5. Cara, those are great. The colors are subtle and very beautiful.

  6. Thank you Lorraine, you’ll get there in no time with a bit of practise!

    Thanks Bonnie, I love the colours, glad I bought that top!

  7. Thanks Cara for your nice comment on my blog. Your Stroppel cane and the jewellery you made with it are very beautiful!

  8. These are such beautiful pieces Cara.

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