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Faux Wood Tutorial from Craft Edu by Sylvie Peraud

Posted on July 14, 2011

In one of my last posts I mentioned I was going to actually try and use some of the many tutorial and projects I have been reading and admiring but not actually using! I finally got round to trying out one of the Craft Edu tutorials I purchased ages ago. It’s Faux Wood by Sylvie Peraud. I was lucky enough to take a class with Sylvie at Polymer Play Days last year and am a big fan of her work and I know she is a good teacher!

Generally I like to learn from a book. I like to have words and plenty of pictures that I can take in at my own speed, that I can flip forwards and backwards easily. I find videos more difficult to watch and learn from for some reason. I like to watch people work in real life, in workshops, but will take pages of written notes for my benefit later. The craft edu format sort of works for me, as long as there is a handout I can print. It’s a bit like having pages of a tutorial that someone talks through for you. Often there are some real gems of information in the talking through. Being impatient I can sometimes find there’s too much information that I want to skip, luckily it is easy to skip forwards and backwards to the next slide.

So here is the result of my first attempt at Faux wood, the shape is one Sylvie demonstrates how to produce as part of the tutorial. The tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

 I am pleased with how they worked out, they feel nice, they did need a little more sanding really. Not quite sure what they will become. Perhaps a pair of earrings or maybe part of a bracelet. Sylvie uses them as part of a pebble and faux wood bracelet as toggle closure, and she also showed a pair of earrings.


  1. You did an awesome job creating the faux wood!

  2. Thanks Sandy. It’s a good tutorial, laid out very cleary.

  3. That is so real!! Would not have known it was faux, had you not mention it!!

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