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My almost entirely polymer braclet

Posted on March 22, 2011

I used the spare toggle set to make another new bracelet for me! There are some glass spacer beads, some tiger tail wire to hold it together and 2 crimp beads to fasten the tiger tail but the rest is polymer!

The discs are curved, partly to match the curve of the pendant with the same design and partly so that it fits the wrist better. I chose a cookie cutter that fitted over my hand and baked the discs on it. I then lay a sheet of clay on the back, cutting out 2 channels for the tiger tail wire and another sheet of black which I textured over that to enclose the channels.

It is very comfortable to wear, it’s light and fits nicely, not too tight, not too loose. I think I shall be making some more like this!!


  1. Es maravilloso. Besos

  2. Lovely.

  3. What a fantastic idea! The cookie cutter idea I mean. You are full of great ideas!

  4. Nice design and lovely rainbow! This color pattern and shape is begging to become some earrings, too!!!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Kathy yes earrings would be easy, I’ve made some to go with similar designs I’ve made to sell. I would of made some for me too, even though I hardly ever wear earrings, but I had run out of the cane 🙁 Always the same you make one you love and it’s too small, make one that goes wonky and you have metres of it!!

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