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Crochet hooks

Posted on May 4, 2010

Happy birthday mum!

She has already opened these so I can now show you what I have been busy doing. I didn’t give her all these, mum got the four on the right, the larger sizes as I knew she already had many of the smaller ones. I am using the blue one in the middle and it is lovely to work with. So much nicer to hold than the plain aluminium handle.

Polymer clay decorated crochet hooks

Polymer clay decorated crochet hooks

I’ve been busy but look forward to having a bit more time to blog again soon.


  1. Cara, These are GORGEOUS. Bet your mum is thrilled. I like the colours of the blue one in the middle best,too. I can tell you like colour as much as I do . Thanks for your comments at my blog. I look forward to seeing what you will make next, too.

  2. What a lovely idea.

  3. Thanks Anita.

    Fiona I wish I could take the credit for the idea but I got the idea from Angela Hickey – PolymerCLayCreations. I saw a photo of her even more beautiful crochet hooks on flickr-

  4. Would like to order some of ur Susan Bates
    crochet hooks with clay on the handles.
    I only use size J & K hooks. I like bright
    colors animal print, & florals also bugs, butterflies
    Frogs, cats & dogs
    Thank u, have a nice day,
    Linda Pruitt

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